“F My Life!”

But hark along comes my knight and shining armor-my experience and my brain.

In a period of two days my air conditioning broke, my washing machine broke, I can’t renew my aesthetician’s license on line because it says my SSN and my license number don’t match and when I call the office no one answers, my checks that I ordered  a month ago haven’t been delivered to my house and when I go to the bank, she tells me they were delivered to the wrong address.

It’s days like these when you feel like pulling out your hair and screaming “ F my life!!!” from atop a mountain, because that’s the only thing that will make you feel good at the moment.

But, because I’m the eternal optimist and I do believe that problems are gifts, and when life gives you lemons….. you should try and make a lemon meringue pie!

So, as I sit waiting for another strange man in my house to give me the “bad news”, after working on an appliance, I wonder…………..what can I learn from these problems the past two days have delivered to me.

When you’re a single mom-things breaking down can be an enormous source of anxiety.  There is the money issue, if you don’t have any spare money, than you can’t fix it, or you will have to borrow money either via credit card or family or friend.

You also feel vulnerable because you don’t have any  knowledge of parts, so anyone can take advantage of you especially when you’re feeling desperate.  Like your house is 95 degrees because it’s 112 outside.

You also feel vulnerable because there is  a strange man in your house, and your thinking he’s  a serial rapist.

But hark along comes my knight and shining armor-my experience and my brain.

Here are some survival tips I have learned along the way to get me through these hard times.

  1. Get a home warranty package or put money into a fund so you will be prepared for emergencies. I have an emergency fund of 1,000.00 and its’ because I follow Dave Ramsey’s 7 Steps to financial freedom. I also use his app and budgeting tool called Everydollar to help me budget and save. The more money you have the less anxiety you feel and that goes for all aspects of your life.
  2. Use a site like Tofixit if your in AZ or Angieslist, or Yelp to hire legitimate well rated businesses. Word of mouth is also a good source and have list of helpers to be at the ready.
  3. Use the internet to gain knowledge of the parts and the appliances and how much is the running cost for such parts etc. Knowledge is power. Hell, there may be u-tube videos that can teach you how to fix the simple things like a leaky faucet, or running toilet.
  4. Trust your instincts- get a second opinion.
  5. Act like you live with others, be it man or girlfriend or roommates. It doesn’t hurt to put on a fake wedding ring, or place some size 12 shoes outside the front door. Don’t appear vulnerable.  Say things like; “I’ll have to discuss with my roommate, boyfriend, etc,  Mitch.”  Mitch sounds tough or Vinny.
  6. If you rent-lucky you, call the home owner.

If you have any tips or tricks please post them!

All my best!