Make a Compassionate Connection this Christmas

Wow, now that is extending a warm hand of compassion and connection!


One of my co-workers was talking about how she invites the mother of her step-children, and the ex-wife of her husband, to spend the night with them on Christmas Eve, because she would never let her be alone.  Wow, now that is extending a warm hand of compassion and connection!

This co-worker has never been a single mom, but she understands how mothers work and how lonely it would be to spend Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning alone.

Thinking about Christmases past and thinking of single parents this message goes out to those of you who have families and may know of someone who is a single parent.  There were many Christmas mornings that I felt alone especially when Piper was just a little tyke who couldn’t talk and distract me.  I was very proud and would never ask for help unless I had no other option.  I’m not dogging my family, because I know they would welcome me if I asked them for help.  But I remember one Christmas morning when I was just dying for the clock to turn to 5 PM so I could finally spend time with my family.  I remember packing Piper up in her car seat and then driving to the Bridal Walk on Central Avenue and putting her in her stroller to walk and pass the time. I was thinking of my brother and my sister and my parents, and how they were probably having fun with their families, and wishing I had a family too.  It was one of the many isolating moments of single parenthood. 

If you know someone who may be alone on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Morning, invite them over.  Don’t assume they are fine because they don’t ask.  Even if they decline your offer, at least they know you were thinking of them.  We all need to think outside, of what is going on in our own families, and extend a helping hand of compassion and connection.

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