Teens Don’t Need Us Anymore, Really!

Technology, supports their drive to grow up as fast as possible.

Are teens evolving to not need their parents at an even younger age?  I was talking with a friend the other day and he told me his son wanted to go to the movies with a friend and they asked if they could use Uber since he wasn’t available to take them himself.  He said sure and thought it was a great idea.  It got me to thinking about how technology has made life so easy for everyone that teens would not need their parents theoretically.

They could order food via delivery,  they know how to use a microwave and some are learning how to be child chefs, by watching cooking shows. They know and understand how to buy items from their phone……just need the parent’s cc info.  They could go anywhere with Uber. Oh How I wish I had a smart phone when my car broke down so many times as a teen.  Piper is learning how to buy and sell merchandise on the web.  She can learn how to fix anything on the web.

Technology, supports their drive to grow up as fast as possible.

Piper said something wise to me a few years ago.  She said, “young people want to get to sixteen and old people wish they were sixteen.”

What’s a parent to do?  Connect and be involved with what your teen is doing via their smart phone. Make sure they earn any money they get so they can appreciate and value money.  Also, continue to be a great role model.  They still watch your every move too! Appreciate the fact that teens are more self sufficient then ever and it can be a good thing.

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